Ideas for EDET 793 Instructional Multimedia Project

This page is a place to brainstorm topics for the IMP. Topics are listed below with a short description. Topics are organized by course.

MUSC 365 Intro to Audio Recording

Sound & Waves
  • First unit of 365. Covers physics of sound pressure waves, waveform concepts, and basic audio terminology. Large topic with many smaller parts.

The decibel & basic audio electronics
  • Exponents and logarithms. deciBel. Simple electronics. Ohm's law. Watt's law. Various forms of dBs.

Auditory Perception (How we hear)
  • Psychoacoustics. Freq vs. pitch. Equal Loudness contours. Localization. Perception of space.

  • Pressure vs. Pressure-gradient. Transducer types. Polar Patterns. Diaphragm resonances.

Mixing Consoles
  • Terminology and types. Module. Pan-pot. Bussing. Master section. Communications.

MUSC 565 Advanced Audio Recording

Stereo mic techniques
  • Coincident, near-coincident, and spaced mic arrays.

MUSC 571 Digital Audio Technology

Digital Audio fundamentals
  • Sampling theory. Sampling rate. Aliasing. Quantization. Dither