EDET 793 • Spring 2012 • Jeff Francis
Multi-Touch Textbook: The DeciBel and Basic Audio Electronics

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The EDET 793 Instructional Multimedia Project will take the form of a Multi-touch Textbook. Multi-touch Textbook is a new format, released by Apple Computer, Inc. on January 19th, 2012. It is a variant of the ePub electronic book format, created by the free software iBooks Author. iBooks Textbooks are only currently viewable on the Apple iPad and iPad2.

The Multi-touch Textbook allows for various forms of media and interactivity. Media includes text, images, videos, presentations, and HTML code. Additional benefits include quizzes, note-taking, glossaries and study cards.

The interactive textbook will focus on basic electronics as it relates to audio engineering and the decibel, which are two of the most commonly confused elements of MUSC 365: Introduction to Audio Recording.